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Regular Schedule

Communion Schedule ** - 2014: February 9, May 11, August 17, November 9.

Featured Sermon:

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* The 4th Sunday of each month is scheduled as a combined service. On these days, the morning worship is followed by a pitch-in (i.e. potluck) lunch followed by an afternoon worship service at 1:30 PM. There is no evening worship service on these Sabbath days. Feel free to visit. We always have plenty of food.

** Members of this congregation whose hearts are prepared to commune are encouraged to do so. In the interest of preserving the unity and purity of the visible church, members in good standing of some other true branch of the visible church who desire to commune with us may also be granted that privilege after a brief meeting with the session. Those interested should contact an elder to setup the interview.

If you need a ride to worship please send us a transportation request.


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