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Statement of Purpose

We, the Bloomington Reformed Presbyterian church, seek to glorify God by being faithful to His purposes for us as stated in Mark 12:30-31 and Matthew 28:18-20 by being committed to God, committed to people, and committed to growth.

  1. We will seek to show our Commitment to God by:
    1. Worship - our desire is to gather each Lord's Day for God-centered worship to celebrate the love, holiness, power, wisdom, and blessings of God and to be motivated for services in His kingdom.
    2. Devotional Life - Our desire is that each person, out of a heart overflowing with gratitude to the God of salvation seek to develop a deep, genuine, and life-changing relationship with the living God.
    3. Consistent Christian Living - Our desire is to live as a body of believers, in our families, at work, at school, and during recreation, in such a way that we commend the gospel of Christ both to the watching world and to fellow Christians.
    4. Facilities - Our desire is that the loving use, care, and maintenance of God's house be a reflection of our love, adoration, and devotion to our gracious Lord.

  2. We will seek to show our Commitment to People by:
    1. Social Concern - Our desire is to have a positive impact on our community in such a way that human suffering is alleviated, justice is promoted, and the love of God is demonstrated.
    2. Caring Fellowship - Our desire is to be a local body of Christ that loves, encourages, challenges, and prays for one another and those with whom God brings us in contact.

  3. We will seek to show our Commitment to Growth by:
    1. Outreach - Our desire is that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to the Bloomington community and the Indiana University campus with the expectation that God will use this witness to draw men and women to Himself and that we will grow.
    2. Discipleship - Our desire is that the whole congregation, including the children and youth, become more like Christ, grow in their knowledge of God's Word, and increase in their service to God. Further, we desire that each person increasingly demonstrates the fruit of the Holy Spirit in his/her life and identify, develop, and use his/her spiritual gifts.

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